Our goal and mission is to change the world – not make a bunch of money.

We know that the cost of our courses are a fraction of what other companies charge. Please don’t mistake the low cost as an indication of quality. We feel our courses are world class – every bit as good or better than the competition. We just feel they should also be accessible to those who do not have a bunch of money to throw around.

We are committed to a business model that puts people above profit – and planet above consumption. We left the corporate world behind and moved to a house in the hills made of tires – for heavens sake (check out our homestead at www.bluerockstation.com).

For years we have been offering and conducting affordable face-to-face certification and training courses, working with not-for-profit organizations and sharing the profits with them to further their missions. But face-to-face classes are expensive, require travel and time away from work – so are out of reach for many people.

When we began developing our online courses our goal was to be able to offer the same world class training to anyone around the globe at a price that nearly anyone could afford.