The following are some solar PV resources we hope you find helpful…

Solar Installers:

Listing of solar installation companies currently operating in Ohio.  If you operate a solar installation company, we would be happy to list your information here (no charge).

Energy & Employment Outlook

2017 US Energy and Employment Report from the US Department of Energy

Solar Jobs

The American Solar Energy Society (ASES) has a number of job openings on their job bank site. They also allow you to post your resume if you are looking.

Calculate Available Sunlight

PV Watts is a great calculator for those wishing to figure out the amount of available sunlight in a specific location.

PV Design Software

The System Advisor Model (SAM) is a performance and financial model designed to facilitate decision making for people involved in the renewable energy industry, ranging from project managers and engineers to incentive program designers, technology developers, and researchers. Download it for Free.