In Person Residential Solar PV Workshop (Sponsored by Zane State College) August 2024




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August 12-17, 2024:  One week in-person solar course with instructor-led sessions, hands-on labs in Zanesville, Ohio (remote self-paced course and textbook also included)

The Residential Solar Installation & Design course is sponsored by Zane State College.  This solar course is a comprehensive learning experience designed to take students with little or no background in electrical systems and/or solar photovoltaics.

The course provides solid foundation for those wishing to enter the industry, design and install their own residential PV system, or simply understand how this emerging and important technology works.

By the end of the course, students should have all the skills necessary to design and install residential-scale solar electric systems.  Students will also be certified (assuming you pass the examination) as a Level 1 ETA PV Installer – a credential recognized around the globe.

So how does the solar course work?

Online Self-Paced Study:  Registered students will have access to the 46-hour + online Residential Solar Installation & Design prior to the course dates.  This course tracks with the provided textbook (Understanding Photovoltaics), and is organized into 11 chapters, 71 major topic areas – with 11 review quizzes, 25 lab projects, over 550 narrated slides, dozens of integrated videos, links to online resources and materials for added comprehension and more.

Upon registration, each student will be given access to this program and a copy of the textbook and can begin studying at their own pace.  There is a lot of material to cover during a short period of time – so any advance work prior to class will be helpful.

Weekly Zoom Sessions:  We hold a weekly Zoom call every Tuesday at Noon (called Solar Noon Tuesdays).  You are welcome to join to discuss questions you may have or to simply listen to updates and concerns of other students or installers from around the nation.

Instructor-Led Class:  Beginning on Monday August 12th, we will hold face-to-face instructor-led sessions.  These sessions will take place from 8 am to around 4:30 pm each day, Monday – Friday.  The lectures will be interspersed with hands-on labs, as there is just so long you can sit in one place.  There will be a review session of the week’s content on Saturday morning prior to the certification examination.  Class on Saturday will end when you finish the certification examination.

Instructor Availability via E-mail:  Often questions arise and can’t wait for the next Zoom meeting.  An instructor is available to answer questions via e-mail throughout the course.

Hands-On Labs:  Throughout the class we will then host course hands-on labs, that provide opportunity to work directly with actual PV systems and also fulfills the hands-on requirements of the ETA PV Level 1 certification.  The hands on labs take about 8 hours complete.  Students will work in small groups and follow appropriate COVID-19 protocols.


Certification Examination:  We will conduct the certification examination Saturday morning at Zane State College.  The examination consists of 75 multiple choice questions (with a 2-hour time limit).  Passing score is 75%.

ETA now offers remote proctoring of their examinations through ExamRoom AI if you are unable to attend the examination in person (or if you need to retake the exam – one free retake is offered by ETA).   In this way students can take the examination from their own device, with a live remote proctor monitoring the process.  Help is available to walk students through the process of registering for the examination.  The certification examination fee ($155 to ETA) is included in your course registration.  However you will need to pay the $14 proctoring fee to ExamRoom AI if you choose the remote proctoring option.

A copy of the textbook – Understanding Photovoltaics – is included in the cost of this course.

This course content includes:

• Basic Principles and Concepts of Power
• Basic Principles and Concepts of Photovoltaics
• The Economics of Photovoltaics
• Photovoltaic System Options and Components
• Standard system configurations
• Site assessment
• Designing a PV system
• Battery Systems
• System Installation
• Permits and Required Agreements
• Testing and Commissioning the System
• System Maintenance and Troubleshooting

This course prepares you to sit for the ETA Photovoltaic Installer (PVI) Level 1. It is the first level of ETA’s certifications designed to assess renewable energy professionals. It is also a great first step for those seeking to enter the PV industry, and perhaps later prepare to sit for the ETA Photovoltaic Installer Level 2 or  NABCEP PV certification programs.

The fee for this six-day course is $970 and includes:  Instruction, hands-on labs, textbook and lab material, ETA examination.  This course may be eligible for VA and Americorps funding.  Scholarships may also be available based on need.  Contact us at 740-674-4300 for further details regarding the management of fees.

This course has been approved for 35 hours of LA CES health, safety, and welfare Professional Development Hours. It appears to comply with the AIA definition of Health, Safety and Welfare (HSW) – related training.  While the Engineering organizations do not pre-approve courses, this structured course also appears to meet the qualification requirements for 35 hours Continuing Professional Development Education hours as defined by the State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers and Surveyors.

In Person Residential Solar PV Workshop (Sponsored by Zane State College) August 2024