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Learn the step-by-step process of putting together a solar generator. Quiet, efficient, and easy to maintain…solar generators are a great resource to run appliances when the grid goes down, for camping trips, or when working at a remote site.

Included with the course is an electronic copy of this 120-page reference book ($10 value).

In this course, we will demonstrate how to design and assemble a small solar generator from parts easily available at your local Harbor Freight, Home Depot or online… all for under $250.

Included with this course is an electronic copy of our book – Assembling a Solar Generator (value $10) that goes into more detail and can help as a handy reference source when you are actually working on your project.

We will discuss:

P360 solar course part 1

What is a Solar Generator?

Identifying the uses of a solar generator. Also learn what components make up a solar generator.

P360 solar course part 2

Selecting The Components

Conducting a load assessment. Understanding basic electrical concepts. Selecting a solar panel, selecting an inverter, selecting a charge controller, selecting a battery. Sizing the battery bank based on load demands. Selecting the proper wire size. Building the solar generator box.

P360 solar course part 3

Connecting It All Together

We map out how all the components go together, how they interact with each other. How to wire it together and test each component.

P360 solar course part 4

Sizing The Components

What size solar panel do you need? What size inverter? How do I size the battery bank? Where can I find the components?

Building a Solar Generator
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