Complete Solar PV Certification Course Information

Solar PV certification courses and basic overview workshops offered throughout the year. In person, hybrid (online and in person labs) or self-paced online.

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Updated Design & Installation Manual Available in August

Completely rewritten and updated to current codes and standards!

Builds upon foundation from entry-level Understanding Photovoltaics book and online course!

UPDATED August 2022! This textbook is designed to prepare solar installers to take the ETA Level 2 certification exam or the NABCEP installer/designer exam. It is the advanced-level study guide that builds upon lessons learned in the introductory text, Understanding Photovoltaics.

This textbook and study guide builds upon a foundation of knowledge in residential solar PV installation and expands into the field of commercial project design & installation and project management.

This text is designed to help prepare students who wish to sit for industry-accepted certification programs such as the ETA Level 2 PV Certification or the NABCEP PV Installer or Designer Certification Program.

Residential Solar PV Certification Workshop – Hybrid (online + hands-on labs, exam)

August 30th – October 4th:  Weekly Zoom Q&A sessions and Chapter Review

October 14th & 15th:  In-Person Hands-On Labs

October 16th:  Exam Review and PV Certification Exam

This Residential Solar Installation & Design hybrid course is sponsored by the University of Dayton Ethos Center.  This solar course is a comprehensive learning experience designed to take students with little or no background in electrical systems and/or solar photovoltaics.

The course provides solid foundation for those wishing to enter the industry, design and install their own residential PV system, or simply understand how this emerging and important technology works.

By the end of the course, students should have all the skills necessary to design and install residential-scale solar electric system.  Students will also be certified (assuming you pass the examination) as a Level 1 ETA PV Installer – a credential recognized around the globe.

Self-Paced Online PV Courses

Check out our growing list of online course options. Study at your own pace and from the comfort of your home or laptop.

Courses include:

  • Residential Solar Design and Installation
  • Introduction to Solar PV
  • Building Your Own Solar Generator


Build Your Own Solar Generator

 Upcoming Solar Generator Classes:

Spend the afternoon with us and learn to build your own little solar generator.  This handy generator can be built for under $250 and incorporates all the skills needed to build your own stand- alone solar system, but in a box!

Solar Noon Tuesday Zoom Session (Aug 2nd)

Latest Solar News (week of Aug 8th-14th, 2022)